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Lebel propose des armes précises, puissantes et robustes conçues pour le terrain

Made in France

Created in 1820, the Verney-Carron company is a French company located in Saint-Etienne, capital of the French armory.

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Living Heritage Company

Verney-Carron SA is not only the first and the oldest French gun manufacturer but it is also labeled EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) thanks to its unique know-how. It also has a dynamic, experienced and efficient R&D team that allows it to innovate and adapt its products to the needs of each individual.

Lebel: a name that reconciles history and future

The Lebel is the first regulation repeating rifle of the French army. It remains the basic weapon of the French infantryman at the beginning of the First World War.

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MILIPOL PARIS 2021 : Verney-Carron Security and Verney-Carron Defense become LEBEL

En les rebaptisant du nom de LEBEL, le fabricant d’armes fondé à Saint-Etienne en 1820 donne une nouvelle identité à ses lignes de produits [...]

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