The "Civil" range meets the requirements of sports shooters looking for accurate and reliable weapons, by offering category B (subject to authorization) and category C (subject to declaration) weapons.



The VCD10 is a semi-automatic precision rifle. Inspired by the AR10 platform, Lebel has shown ingenuity and boldness to meet the requirements of armies and military...

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VCD15 – sport shooting

The VCD15 is an assault rifle that meets the needs of armies, intervention groups and police forces. Taking advantage of LEBEL’s know-how, this assault rifle based on the combat proven AR15 platform...

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VCD9 – sport shooting

The VC9 is the adaptation of the VCD15 to the 9mm caliber. This weapon compatible with Glock type magazine allows the sports shooters to practise the handling of a long gun in a caliber...

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VERTAC® P2 –rifled barrel

The ideal partner for police forces, armed forces, anti-terrorism and riot control. Robust and efficient, the VERTAC P2 has passed many of the most severe tests without fear. The work...

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An economical and very light weapon, made entirely of composite material. Its manual cocking system with external dogs makes it a simple and safe weapon. Category C, accessible to all...

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