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Lebel, a new brand to unite verney-carron security and defense

By renaming them LEBEL, the arms manufacturer founded in Saint-Etienne in 1820 gives a new identity to its product lines for defense and security.

A new common identity

Until now separated into two distinct poles, security and defense have now been brought together into a single identity to become LEBEL.

In doing so, LEBEL affirms its forward-looking and customer-focused strategy. The new identity reflects the company's commitment to providing the military and police markets with the best solutions they need.


Founded in 1820 in Saint-Etienne, Verney-Carron SA is the first and oldest French gun manufacturer. Verney-Carron SA, a small and medium-sized company with the EPV label, has a dynamic, experienced and efficient R&D team, enabling it to carry out all its R&D work in France.

A new brand and new products

With the official launch of this new brand, Verney-Carron presents and introduces three new products that are part of the new LEBEL catalog:

- The VCD15 : a light, robust and versatile assault rifle
- The Superpro2 : a weapon with reduced lethality
- The matru : the most compact grenade launcher on the market

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