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MILIPOL PARIS 2021 : Verney-Carron Security and Verney-Carron Defense become LEBEL

By renaming them LEBEL, the arms manufacturer founded in Saint-Etienne in 1820 gives a new identity to its product lines for defense and security.

For several decades, Milipol Paris is the world's leading event dedicated to security professionals. It is the place where technological innovations in the field are presented, in order to respond effectively to the needs of the sector and to the different threats.

Milipol Paris 2021 was held from October 19 to 22 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. Inaugurated by Gérald DarmaninMinister of the Interior, the world event on safety and internal security of States welcomed nearly 22,000 visitors, 42% of whom were international, from 138 countries.

Cette 22ème édition a été l’occasion pour l’entreprise française Verney-Carron d’annoncer son changement d’identité. Acteur bicentenaire référent dans le domaine des armes de chasse, Verney-Carron has since the mid-90s diversified its offer with two entities: Verney-Carron Security and Verney-Carron Defensecombining the design, manufacture and sale of lethal weapons (machine gun, assault rifle, semi-automatic sniper rifle) and non-lethal weapons like the Flash-Ball.

Eager to unite these two security divisions and to enter a new era, the Saint-Etienne-based company is launching a new entity called LEBEL.

" Strategically, Verney-Carron wanted to better distinguish its leisure activities, linked to hunting, from its defense and law enforcement activities. The vocation of the two entities is so specific that it became necessary to name them differently. And by choosing the name of LEBEL, we remain faithful to the meaning of our history "explains Guillaume Verney-Carron, General Manager.

In order to always refer to a history, highlighting the culture of Verney-Carron, it is indeed necessary to go back to 1886 when Colonel Nicolas LEBEL baptized with his name a new modern rifle, which was going to enter in service in the French armies until 1918. Its main novelty was the insertion for the first time of a smokeless powder, which is still a reference today and has become a modern manufacturing standard.

Thus, the Security and Defense divisions of Verney-Carron have been assembled to embody a new brand named LEBEL, still dedicated to the armed forces, police and sport shooters.